Partnership Benefits
Partnership means that you are not only interested to buy products and/or services offered in our website, but you are also interested to join us giving contributions on the production processes of the products and services you yourself are interested to buy. Those contributions can mean to be investments that can increase (the efficiency of) the production of the products and/or services you are interested to buy, or can mean to be a marketing support that can increase the selling of the products and serices that you are interested to buy. By being our partner you will earn special price arrangements and other special arrangements that can whether lower the prices of the products and services you are interested to buy and/or support your own business. If you dream to be able to sell the products and/or services that you have self produced in order to decrease your cost of product/service sold, our partnership program shall help you realize that dream. Please contact us for information for the details. We are reachable through emails, telephone appointments and meeting appointments